Collective Cooking Groups

These groups are a way of stretching food dollars, strengthening community ties and fostering resource and skill sharing. Our program is modeled on established successful cooking group networks in Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. A typical group will meet once a month or once a week, divide into recipe teams to cook large quantities of each recipe, share a meal together, and then take home portions of each recipe to freeze.

Sample Schedule:

  1. 5:30. Welcome, introductions, overview of group goals and plan for evening, safety and food handling basics.
  2. 5:50 Divide into teams for each recipe, with a recipe leader, handwashing, organize tasks.
  3. 6:00 Make recipes
  4. 7:30 Share meal, discuss recipes and roles for next session
  5. 8:00 Divide up portions to take home, clean up
  6. 8:30 End time

Sample text for a flyer/e-mail announcement
Collective Cooking Group: Save money on food, share skills with your neighbors and make food you will love! We will save time and stretch our grocery dollars by cooking a lot of food as a group and taking home meals ready to eat. Each month we’ll also share a meal together. During the first session, the group will decide on recipes for the future sessions. In addition to leaving each session with food and a belly full, you’ll gain cooking skills, fresh ideas, nutrition awareness, and perhaps best of all, new friends.

Some ways to help:

  • Participate in a cooking group and document it with photos and a newsletter article
  • Design cooking activities for children that can be incorporated into the groups
  • Identify sources for ingredients
  • Solicit ingredient donations
  • Be a general “as-needed” helper for the cooking group interns
  • Outreach to new locations that might be interested in hosting future cooking groups

Contact for more info and to get connected, or select “cooking groups” on our volunteer interest form. For information on starting a cooking group, see the Collective Cooking Group Handbook.